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From immersive theatre shows to educational workshops to bespoke commissions A Line Art is always ready to create unforgettable high quality events for all ages.

Ready Steady Lift Off!

Welcome to our Space Station! Train to be an astronaut, make your own rocket, colour and LIFT OFF!

Ready Steady Lift Off! is an immersive theatre show for 3-8 year olds and their families combining live performance, music, storytelling and painting into one interactive theatre show.

Ready Steady Lift Off! invites you the audience to take part in our weird and whacky astronaut programme. Come navigate, sing, colour and play your way through the 7 stages of training, from working as a team in a space station to piloting your own rocket around our galaxy. This immersive experience will get the family colouring and creating together, and once you’ve decorated your rocket, you will orbit around space meeting strange creatures and overcoming some cosmic catastrophes, all in a days work for the LIFT OFF team! Finally fly your rocket home!

Perfect for primary schools, SEN, festivals, outdoor events, shopping centres, theatre, children parties.

Watch the video here:

Ready Steady Lift Off! is presented by 3 performers.
Very interactive, exploring creative play.
Nominated for Best Production for Young People Ages 0-7. THE OFFIES

Ready Steady GO!

Come in to our driving school. Grab your tool kit, choose your car, colour, and drive! Ready Steady GO! is an immersive theatre piece for 3-8 year olds and their families which allows the audience to create, decorate and drive cardboard cars.

How it works?

The audience enter 'The Driving School.’ Each member is given a cardboard car and a tool kit containing ‘colouring in goodies.' They decorate their car using all the weird and wonderful materials whilst being entertained through storytelling, music, movement and clowning by 3 performers. But it doesn’t stop there! Having coloured-in their car, the children will be invited to take it through the Driving School, past a zebra crossing, through the hazardous snow and even stopping to let an old lady cross the street! As they pass their driving test they can finally take their decorated cardboard car home with them.

Perfect for primary schools, SEN, festivals, outdoor events, shopping centres, theatre, children parties.

Watch the video here:

Ready Steady GO! is presented by 3 performers.
An interactive and fun way to discuss and investigate road safety.

Ready Steady Colour

Come in to our make-believe restaurant. Grab a table, choose your ‘food’ and then colour it in.

Ready Steady Colour is an interactive theatre experience for all the
family that encourages audiences to get creative together. Designed by A Line Art and set in a pop-up restaurant, simply turn up, order your black and white ‘plate of food’ and then get colouring! While you’re decorating your plate with glittery ketchup or yellow paint mustard, our restaurant’s colourful waiting staff will entertain you with comedy, music and storytelling.
Age 2+

Perfect for festivals, outdoor events, children parties, shops, and many more.

Watch the video here:

Ready Steady Colour is presented by 2 performers.
Ready Steady Colour is self contained and has no staging, lighting, sound requirements. We perform in our 6m x 3m tent. Happy to perform in all weather conditions. We need access to water.

The Merry Maker

Nothing makes you merrier than a one-minute rap on a three wheeled trike...

Led by emerging spoken word artist Arji Manuelpillai, this very merry rapper entertains and interacts with unsuspecting passers-by as he regales them with a personal rap, on the spot! He brings smiles for free, making the ordinary extraordinary as he freestyles about their surroundings, the people they are with, the tree they are sat next to or the food they eat!

Children (5+), teenagers, mums and grandparents alike love his zany vibes - this smile raising walkabout offers audiences a real treat, their very own rap.

‘Wow! What a talent.’ Audience Member

Watch the video here:

This walkabout piece can pop-up anywhere and works particularly well at an event or a festival.
Suggested performance times of up to 4 x slots of 30 minutes which can be negotiated.
We can set up anywhere, indoors or outdoors.
The performance is self-contained and has no staging, lighting or sound requirements.

Children's Party take-away kit

Create your own children's party at home using our takeaway party kit.
Use our cardboard cars or rockets, decorate them and create your own space adventure or driving course at home!

What's inside the kit?

Instruction Sheet
25 cardboard rockets or cardboard cars
5 packs of felt tip pens
3 packs of crayons
5 paint pads
2 bags of rollers
1 bag of baby wipes

Total cost = £160 + delivery

If you are holding a party for more or for less children we can edit the list according to your needs, and therefore adjust the costs.

Bespoke Design

Anna Bruder is available to design your event whether it be a fashion party, festival, school workshop, office/bar or private home design, or TV show. Anna is always ready to transform the mundanity of your venue into a world of excitement and opportunity.


A Line Art have worked on several weddings across the UK. Providing the trademark style to mark the most important day of your life. This includes:

A Line Art flower decorations
A Line Art table decorations and table cloths
Personal bespoke name tag poems for each guest at your reception